Front-Lit vs. Back-Lit Banner Materials

Which Banner Material To Choose for Your Company: Front-Lit or Back-Lit Media?

Banner advertisements are an important advertising tool for businesses to help generate awareness about the company and drive potential customers to a website or store.

There is a wide range of banner media for businesses to choose from, and at Ultraflex, we offer high-quality banner material for your company’s needs. Let’s explore specifically front-lit and back-lit banner materials and how they can improve your business’s advertising efforts.

Front-Lit Banner Materials

Front-lit banners can provide a clear, vivid print and offer superior brightness due to being illuminated from the image side. Since these materials reflect light from the front, indoor and outdoor applications are optimized for brightness and readability. When used for large-format applications, front-lit banner materials can help make your image as eye-catching as possible.

Billboard Plus Eclipse® FL

We offer one of the most popular front-lit materials on the market: Billboard Plus Eclipse® FL. This 8.5 oz, black-backed substrate is specifically designed for high-speed, one-pass printing and works fantastically for billboard and building-wrap applications.

EcoVantage® Supreme

Our EcoVantage® Supreme is an excellent choice for a sustainable front-lit banner option made from 100% PVC-free, phthalate-free polyester. EcoVantage Supreme is waterproof and features high opacity to help reduce transparency and shadowing. Thanks to its weldability and stitched seam, EcoVantage® Supreme can be used for many different applications, including banners, billboards, and POS displays, making it a popular choice for businesses.

Back-Lit Banner Materials

Back-lit banners are a popular choice for companies looking for a material that offers excellent color vibrancy and definition. The material is illuminated from the backside and boosts the visibility of print quality in indoor environments such as tradeshows or storefront displays. Back-lit banners can also be used in outdoor environments, such as arena displays or bus-stop applications, but we recommend avoiding direct sunlight placement to deliver optimal readability. When used properly, back-lit banner materials are an excellent attention-grabbing option to display your business’ message in any environment.

SuperSmooth™ PET BL

SuperSmooth™ PET BL is a 13.5 oz, scrim-less, back-lit banner material. With SuperSmooth™ PET BL’s ultra-smooth, flat surface, the printed image quality is undisturbed and provides stability against different types of back-lit lighting. SuperSmooth™ PET BL features a non-curl formula, perfect for installation in many framing systems, such as light boxes, display systems, and more.

VorTex™ Backlit Optimum D270

Another great back-lit banner option is VorTex™ Backlit Optimum D270, a 100% polyester woven fabric featuring a satin-finish surface and light diffusion layer that ensures uniform illumination without pinholes. This material is designed to hold high ink saturation, produce vibrant color, and is compatible with Dye-Sub Transfer, Dye-Sub Direct, UV, and Latex inks.

Choose Ultraflex for All Your Banner Material Needs

At Ultraflex, our goal is to help your business maximize the effectiveness of your brand’s message or communication efforts. By offering a wide range of high-quality signage, including front-lit and back-lit media, we are sure to provide a solution for your company’s unique needs. Our team can assist you today and is reachable at (973) 627-8608. Visit our website to learn more about our wide selection of banner materials or to request a sample.

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