Removable Wall Material in the US

Imagine being able to reposition a digital wall media product repeatedly without worrying about whether it will stick to the wall again. Ultraflex‘s removable wall material does that and more. It mounts to any surface and is removable countless times without leaving a residue. The coating dries quickly and resists water. It’s a great product for surfaces with imperfections because it has unique opaque properties that help hide dark colors and defects. Trade show exhibit structures, wall graphics, murals, menu boards and ceiling graphics are just a few of the applications that a removable wall material can successfully accomplish. The fabric is designed for use with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and Latex inks. Ultraflex’ removable wall material can also be used on outdoor surfaces without curling or peeling due to the water-resistant coating.

Printable PVC flooring from Ultraflex present branding opportunities the moment someone walks in the door and works with grand format solvent, UV digital and screen printing equipment. Easy to clean, printable PVC flooring can be vacuumed, polished or waxed with any products used on vinyl flooring. The flooring material has several color, thickness and texture options. Examples of texture options are below:

  • Wood Grain
  • Smooth
  • Ceramic
  • Levant
  • Diamond Trend

Ultraflex proudly offers several REACH compliant materials. Improving the protection of human health and the environment is the mission of the REACH regulatory law. REACH compliant products do not contain banned chemicals sited in the REACH regulation. Ultraflex removable wall material and several printable PVC flooring materials can be found on the Ultraflex REACH Compliant Material List.

Ultraflex removable wall material gives users across the US the ability to create customized graphics and more for their work environment. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you build your brand with digital print materials from Ultraflex.

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