2022 – ‘Years of Excellence & Service’ Awards

Each year, Ultraflex recognizes its employees who have worked with us for five years or more with the Years of Excellence and Service Award.

Congratulations Team! Your dedication, skills, and admirable attitude remarkably contribute to Ultraflex’s success!

Maria Baerga – Financial Controller – 5 Years

Jen Lauria – Inside Sales/Customer Service- 5 Years

DJ Haverick – Sample Department- 5 Years

Diane Meyer – Western Territory Sales Manager- 5 Years

Mike Oswald – Warehouse Manager – 10 Years

Front-Lit Media vs. Back-Lit Media Banner Materials

Front-Lit vs. Back-Lit Banner Materials

Which Banner Material To Choose for Your Company: Front-Lit or Back-Lit Media?

Banner advertisements are an important advertising tool for businesses to help generate awareness about the company and drive potential customers to a website or store.

There is a wide range of banner media for businesses to choose from, and at Ultraflex, we offer high-quality banner material for your company’s needs. Let’s explore specifically front-lit and back-lit banner materials and how they can improve your business’s advertising efforts.

Front-Lit Banner Materials

Front-lit banners can provide a clear, vivid print and offer superior brightness due to being illuminated from the image side. Since these materials reflect light from the front, indoor and outdoor applications are optimized for brightness and readability. When used for large-format applications, front-lit banner materials can help make your image as eye-catching as possible.

Billboard Plus Eclipse® FL

We offer one of the most popular front-lit materials on the market: Billboard Plus Eclipse® FL. This 8.5 oz, black-backed substrate is specifically designed for high-speed, one-pass printing and works fantastically for billboard and building-wrap applications.

EcoVantage® Supreme

Our EcoVantage® Supreme is an excellent choice for a sustainable front-lit banner option made from 100% PVC-free, phthalate-free polyester. EcoVantage Supreme is waterproof and features high opacity to help reduce transparency and shadowing. Thanks to its weldability and stitched seam, EcoVantage® Supreme can be used for many different applications, including banners, billboards, and POS displays, making it a popular choice for businesses.

Back-Lit Banner Materials

Back-lit banners are a popular choice for companies looking for a material that offers excellent color vibrancy and definition. The material is illuminated from the backside and boosts the visibility of print quality in indoor environments such as tradeshows or storefront displays. Back-lit banners can also be used in outdoor environments, such as arena displays or bus-stop applications, but we recommend avoiding direct sunlight placement to deliver optimal readability. When used properly, back-lit banner materials are an excellent attention-grabbing option to display your business’ message in any environment.

SuperSmooth™ PET BL

SuperSmooth™ PET BL is a 13.5 oz, scrim-less, back-lit banner material. With SuperSmooth™ PET BL’s ultra-smooth, flat surface, the printed image quality is undisturbed and provides stability against different types of back-lit lighting. SuperSmooth™ PET BL features a non-curl formula, perfect for installation in many framing systems, such as light boxes, display systems, and more.

VorTex™ Backlit Optimum D270

Another great back-lit banner option is VorTex™ Backlit Optimum D270, a 100% polyester woven fabric featuring a satin-finish surface and light diffusion layer that ensures uniform illumination without pinholes. This material is designed to hold high ink saturation, produce vibrant color, and is compatible with Dye-Sub Transfer, Dye-Sub Direct, UV, and Latex inks.

Choose Ultraflex for All Your Banner Material Needs

At Ultraflex, our goal is to help your business maximize the effectiveness of your brand’s message or communication efforts. By offering a wide range of high-quality signage, including front-lit and back-lit media, we are sure to provide a solution for your company’s unique needs. Our team can assist you today and is reachable at (973) 627-8608. Visit our website to learn more about our wide selection of banner materials or to request a sample.

Top Flooring Materials to Improve Your Walkways and Floors

Top Flooring Materials to Improve Your Walkways and Floors

Enhance Your Space with Our Top Flooring Materials

These days flooring options can seem limitless with so many options on the market. Flooring products have expanded into various materials, including digitally printed carpets and vinyl flooring. If you’re considering digitally printed options, Ultraflex has options for you and will help you find the perfect solution.

Take your space to the next level by incorporating Ultraflex’s top flooring materials. Our flooring products are perfect for creating customized floor graphics that make your brand stand out. With endless possibilities for customization, our digitally printable flooring products can bring your vision to life.

What are Printable Flooring Products?

Printable flooring products are media used in digital printing to create customized floor graphics and messaging. Among the more popular printable flooring options are vinyl materials. These materials are compatible for use with solvent, UV, and some Latex and screen printers. Ultraflex’s printable flooring products include FloorFlex® Plus, UltraCarpet® Extra, and Floorscapes™.

Why Use Printable Flooring Products?

Using floor graphics is an effective way to showcase a brand, graphics, or messaging at your feet—ideal for retail spaces, trade shows, and events. The versatility of printable flooring allows them to be used for promoting events, directing traffic, or simply adding a personal touch to your interior space.

Ultraflex’s Printable Flooring Solutions

Our digitally printable flooring products allow you to create enhanced, customized floor graphics not achievable with traditional printing. These durable, slip-resistant materials are perfect for high-traffic areas and are an ideal solution for business branding, customized messaging, or fun and immersive experiences. An excellent option for printable flooring is Floorscapes®, a 50-mil, clear vinyl floor graphic media. Floorscapes provide incredible image clarity and color precision and are available in a wood grain finish.

Another terrific choice for customizable flooring is our UltraCarpet Extra, a white, tufted-pile carpet made especially for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, screen printing, and Latex printing. The ink will not scratch off; drying time is minimal and engineered for both indoor and short-term outdoor use.

Choose Ultraflex’s Flooring Materials

Whether dramatic or subtle, custom floor designs can quickly transform a space and complement other digital graphic design elements such as wallcoverings, ceilings, and textile displays. If you’re ready to give your area an upgrade, Ultraflex can help you choose the best products and materials to get the job done. Our flooring materials are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and provide long-lasting results. So, whether you’re looking for a temporary solution or something that will last for years, we have a product that will meet your needs. Request a sample of our products or contact our team to begin working with us today!

Ultraflex's Tradeshow Booth Graphics

Elevate Your Tradeshow Booth Graphics with Ultraflex

Tradeshow season is right around the corner, and for many of us in the printing industry, our exhibitor’s booth is the first thing the customer sees and can make you stand out from the competition. After all, we’re in the graphics business; print and display in your booth should be the WOW factor! 

If your booth lacks creativity, color, or a variety of prints, graphics, or demos, you risk the customer forgetting your brand or passing right by. Fortunately, Ultraflex has a wide array of product selections that can help make your booth more memorable with our digital printable textiles and substrates. These materials will elevate your exhibit booth to any scenario or style you’re looking for, whether it’s professional, creative, or fun. It’s essential to have an outstanding tradeshow booth for the following reasons:

1) Start Standing Out

Whether it’s a small convention of 50 or a tradeshow or exhibition of hundreds, each vendor is there for the same reasons, including standing out and attracting potential customers. If you don’t plan properly or use suitable materials, you risk fading into the sea of vendors. A unique tradeshow booth can elevate you from the typical standard that most vendors present and can draw attraction. When you have a booth that’s different from the rest, attendees will want to learn more about your company; plus, an outstanding booth can help signify that you’re a leader in the industry.

2) Convey Professionalism

A tradeshow booth should reflect your brand and be clean, polished, and professional. It should also be an extension of your website and other marketing materials. Your booth is a prime opportunity to show off what you’re selling, so make sure it’s up to par with the high-quality products or services that you offer. First impressions matter; if your tradeshow booth doesn’t look on brand or well put together, it will leave a lasting negative impression of your company.

 3) Connect with Potential Customers and Increase Sales

With well-designed tradeshow booth graphics, potential customers are more likely to enter your booth, increasing your sales team’s odds of hitting their touch points. When a potential customer feels the booth has a well-organized design, they’re more likely to engage and interact with each product due to increased visibility. This increases the number of products the customer considers purchasing, the leads generated, and ultimately the potential of a closed deal.

4) Convey Your Brand Messaging

Your booth should be a unique one-stop shop for everything an attendee needs to know about your company and its brand messaging. Connect your message with your booth design and concept and consider creative ways to show off your products alongside your marketing materials, such as brochures and literature. By displaying your brand messaging alongside your products, the attendee is more likely to remember who you are and what you do.

Ultraflex Digital Printable Media Solutions

Customize the walls of your booth with Fabritac, a removable, adhesive fabric that may be repositioned countless times without leaving any residue. You can also incorporate a comfortable seating area with your company logo printed on a sofa using our DecorFlex Leather media. This soft leather fabric is easy to print and digitally upholster to furniture. With Ultraflex, you can find various tradeshow booth graphics solutions, including wallcoverings, backdrops, fabrics for SEG frames, gallery-wrap material, backlit material, and much more.

Our highly experienced sales team will assist you in determining which media is right for you. Take your business to the next level by connecting with us to find the right solution for your tradeshow needs. Connect with us today!

Headshot of National Accounts Sales Manager

Ultraflex Announces Andrew Cwalinski as National Accounts Sales Manager

Riverview, FL – Ultraflex Systems, Inc. welcomes back Andrew Cwalinski as National Accounts Sales Manager. Mr. Cwalinski will be in charge of National Accounts, driving new business, establishing partnerships, and maintaining and strengthening current National Accounts relationships.

Mr. Cwalinski has a broad-based 20 years of experience in retail, distribution, sourcing, and manufacturing environments. He has proven success in building relationships with key corporate decision-makers and establishing accounts with excellent levels of retention and loyalty. With the ability to integrate cost controls, revenue growth, and improve processes through effective staff training and motivation, Mr. Cwalinski will be an invaluable asset to Ultraflex’s National Accounts.


Is Your Business Ready for Warmer Weather? Now’s the Time to Plan Ahead

If you live in one of the colder regions of the U.S., you’re probably ditching your winter coat about now and enjoying the blooms and the breeze through open windows. Maybe you’re planning a trip to the farmer’s market, buying tickets for an outdoor concert, or getting your pool ready to open.

If you own a business, you should be thinking about something else too. With all those potential customers eager to get out and about, you have a fresh opportunity to get their attention and keep them coming back for more.

Now is the time to plan ahead and take full advantage of your space, whether you own a sandwich shop, run an amusement park, or have new products to showcase. Below are some ideas to help you engage, impress, and influence the crowds headed your way.

Turn special events into SPECTACULAR ones

Calendars everywhere are filling up with long-awaited outdoor events, such as food festivals, carnivals, concerts, and flea markets. You can easily add vibrant color and movement to your event with feather flags, like our VorTex™ Flag D110, a knitted flag fabric with excellent wind flow characteristics.

If you have outdoor tables, coolers, or other surfaces, consider covering them with stunning visuals. FabriTac® is our removable, adhesive fabric you can mount to any surface and reposition countless times. Who wouldn’t want to customize a cooler for the beach, or BBQ or even customize a golf cart for an event?

Planning an activity area for patrons? Why not use mat graphics to add extra pop to the cornhole game or play area. Printers everywhere use our FloorFlex® Plus printable vinyl solution for long-term indoor graphics and shorter-term outdoor displays.

Step up visibility with sidewalk signs and window graphics

The right signage can stop customers in their tracks as they stroll through town, shop for the new season, or search for outdoor dining. Take a look at some ways businesses are using MatFlex® Plus to decorate tabletops in fun and festive ways:

Do you have a big sale coming up? A new exhibit to promote? Maybe you simply need to reach out and encourage customers to come inside and look around. Your patrons will be mesmerized and motivated with the right window graphics, like these made from UltraVision® Window Perf:

Now’s the ideal time to create attention-grabbing graphics

We have ideas and graphic solutions that can jazz up any area – a swimming pool, a fence at a sports park, or a banner on the side of a building. We have you covered.

To find out more about our products, services, and innovative ideas, email us.

annalie carter

Congratulations On 21 Years of Service, Annalie Carter!

annalie carter

Job & Department: Staff Accountant / Accounting

Years with Ultraflex: 21 years

We are proud to celebrate Annalie Carter’s 21 years with Ultraflex! Annalie has been an integral part of the accounting team during her tenure. Over the years, she has made many people who have sat near her laugh with her many jokes! What Annalie enjoys most about being a part of the Ultraflex team is how members support one another and the opportunity to work with many coworkers in various departments. As a mother of three, she loves going to the park, spending time outdoors with her family, and doing fun activities with her children. We truly appreciate all of her hard work over the last 21 years and look forward to hitting more milestones with her!

communication and support

A Message From Our Ultraflex Team

Working From Home, Working For You.

As a leader in the industry, Ultraflex strives to provide exceptional communication and support during this trying time. We are still up and running in all warehouses, and here to serve the needs of our customers. Our team is doing their part to help those on front lines who are working tirelessly to heal and to help. Recently, Ultraflex has introduced our Rx Product line which offers 4 products with AAMI ratings. RxTex 102 and RxTex 54 come with an AMMI level 1 protection are thermally bonded non-woven materials. RxProtect 4 is a chemically bonded non-woven material that is water repellent, pathogen resistant and can be reused and cleaned easily. This material has an AMMI level 4 protection.

Ultraflex has the ability to provide solutions for hospital curtains, pop-up tents, aprons, protective coverings, material for partitions, temporary flooring, way-finding signage, and much more. Products from our PVC, flooring, and textiles can be used in these various applications.