Sublimation Printing Materials Available in the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada & Worldwide

sublimation printing materialsAt Ultraflex Systems, we have a wide assortment of sublimation printing materials and other specialty substrates. Specially designed to create vivid graphics on both indoor and outdoor applications, our sublimation media is perfect for grand format banner graphics, billboard graphics, pop-up displays, backdrops, and so much more.

Sublimation Printing Materials

  • VorTex Fence Mesh D150 – A unique fabric alternative to PVC mesh products, VorTex Fence Mesh D150 is perfect for a grand format banner, flying banners, fence graphics, and more.
  • VorTex Grand Display D223 – REACH compliant and OKoTex-Standard 100 Certified, VorTex Grand Display D223 is a 100% polyester, tight-knitted fabric. Crease-free, it is an ideal product for a wide variety of roll-up and pop-up displays.
  • VorTex Backlit LX D300 – Designed for backlit graphics, VorTex Backlit LX D300 features a brushed backside that creates even light diffusion and a structured print surface for rich, uniform color saturation.
  • UltraCanvas Backlit D280 – Made from 20% recycled polyester, UltraCanvas Backlit D280 is a backlit textile with unique color exaggerating technology. It also offers an anti-static coating and less than 1% shrinkage when printed and applied.
  • UltraPoplin Soft Image D240 – An environmentally-friendly option, UltraPoplin Soft Image D240 is made of 20% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Ideal for trade show booths, pop-up advertising campaigns, and more, this wrinkle- and crease-resistant media is printable with UV, Latex, direct dispersion and transfer dye sublimation.

Ultraflex Systems is pleased to offer technical data sheets and fire certificates on nearly all of our products. We also encourage customers to request product samples to ensure that the media you choose produces the right results for your specific needs.

We gladly ship over 60 unique products to the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere worldwide and stock over 100,000 rolls of digital media in our five North American warehouses. Contact Ultraflex Systems today for questions about our sublimation printing materials or any of our other products or to place an order. We look forward to serving you!

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