Floorscapes flooring in the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada & Worldwide

FloorscapesUsed to extend branding, logos, and advertisements across large commercial spaces, our high-quality Floorscapes products are one of our most popular printed materials. Like our front-lit mediaback-lit mediablockout mediamesh banner materialspecialty materials, and printable textiles, our flooring products are easily installed, vibrant, and versatile.

Go Big and Bold with Floorscapes from Ultraflex Systems

Our Floorscapes can be placed on any flat flooring surface, in either clear vinyl or opaque vinyl. Make your images pop with high-resolution, brightly-colored floor graphics.

Use our Floorscapes for:

  • Branded imagery across your commercial spaces.
  • Logo printing for events and temporary installations.
  • Patterned and textured floor coverings.

If you want to provide best-in-class flooring graphics through your printing business, request a sample of Floorscapes today.

Get the Best Graphics on Floors with Ultraflex Products

We have three primary options for flooring graphics products. Options include:

  • Floorscapes Clear Media. A primary advantage to our Floorscapes technology is that it’s transparent, and you can layer unique designs and patterns on your existing floors.
  • FloorFlex Plus. When you need the best in quality and performance, you want our FloorFlex Plus, a high-quality flooring product that can be rolled out on any smooth surface.
  • UltraCarpet Extra. Our UltraCarpet Extra is a printable, tufted white carpet that can be printed in brilliant patterns and designs and is perfect for creating a unique look for your commercial space.

We also have additional products available to make your installation will be even easier. Look through our diverse inventory to find out more about which products are best for your unique commercial space.

Supporting UV, Latex, and screen printing on multiple types of floor-friendly materials, we provide versatile technology for all types of graphics on floors. Our products are available in the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, and elsewhere throughout the world, and we have technical sheets to help support your purchase decisions. Whether you’re interested in UltraCarpet Extra, FloorFlex Plus, or Floorscapes, contact us for more information or to request a quote.

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