Grand Format Textile in the US

The best selection of grand format textile products is found at Ultraflex Systems. We’re proud to be recognized as the leading supplier in the industry for our commitment to quality, customer support and product development. We bring innovative PVC media and specialty substrates to the market each year. We introduced our first PVC sign material over 25 years ago, and today, we produce more than 60 grand format textile, outdoor banner material, graphic flooring and other digital printing media products that are used in outdoor and indoor advertising and marketing applications worldwide.

Textiles at Ultraflex Systems are available in a variety of widths from 30 inches to over 100 inches and are compatible with wide format and grand format printing equipment. Wide format equipment supports media from 18”- 100” wide, and grand format equipment can handle media over 100 inches.

Our textile selection includes the following and more:

  • UltraPoplin Soft Image D240 is perfect for indoor and outdoor banner material applications
  • Vortex Flag D110 is a knitted flag textile with wind flow characteristics that are ideal for flag displays
  • UltraCanvas Artist S325 has a unique coating that provides a dual print surface
  • UltraCotton S370 has a canvas-like texture that is often used for backdrops, art reprographics and more
  • Vortex Super Stretch D231 is a polyester and spandex stretchable fabric that is often used for displays
  • MultiTex S220 is an economical multipurpose textile that is frequently used for art décor applications

Many of grand format textiles that are available from Ultraflex Systems are designated as REACH Compliant and contain none of the chemicals banned in the REACH regulation. Our textiles are also earth-friendly, and the polyester that is used in our manufacturing is 20% recycled polyester and is 100% recyclable. In addition, between 75%-90% of our textile coatings are biodegradable.

From data sheets and fire certificates to media specialists and logistic experts, Ultraflex Systems offers unmatched product resources to our digital media clients in the US and abroad. Grand format textile and other media samples are available from our Sample Department and provides our clients with the chance to test media on their equipment to ensure it produces the desired results. Contact us today for media selection assistance or to request a sample.


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