AquaFlex Shipping to the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada & Worldwide


If you’re a marketing professional creating advertising and/or branding campaigns for hotels, resorts, zoos or other organizations with water features such as pools, fountains or ponds, you’ll want to incorporate AquaFlex from Ultraflex Systems into your marketing plan. AquaFlex is a printable digital media that’s designed specifically for underwater applications.

AquaFlex is the coated vinyl underwater substrate that’s made in the USA and featured in our Specialty Materials Line at Ultraflex Systems. It’s ideal for concrete, plaster, vinyl, fiberglass, steel, gunite and other non-textured, flat aquatic surfaces. Specifications, benefits and features of AquaFlex include the following and more:

  • AquaFlex is easy to position by hand or with a pool brush
  • Blue backside of the media is made from post-industrial recycled pool liners
  • Removal during regular hand vacuuming is unnecessary
  • Automatic pool cleaners and vacuums are not affected by AquaFlex
  • Compatible with solvent, UV, Latex and screen printing processes
  • Available in 63 inch wide face-out rolls

Ultraflex Systems is renowned in the signage and graphics industry as the leading developer and supplier of wide-format digital media. We have everything, from printable mesh banner materials and adhesive fabric to magnetic receptive media, wall and floor coverings, back-lit billboard material and more, to cover all of your indoor and outdoor application needs.

FabriTac is one of our other specialty materials. It’s the adhesive fabric in the line often used to create POS and POP displays, posters, floor decals, banners and wall graphics. This removable adhesive fabric with a quick drying and water-resistant coating is mountable on any surface. The fabric is also able to retain its adhesion without leaving residue even after being repositioned innumerable times.

AquaFlex and other media samples are available by request from our Sample Department for testing and educational purposes. Requests are always processed quickly with most samples typically shipping to locations in the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada and other countries from one of our five North American warehouses within 5 business days. Contact us today to request additional product information and/or AquaFlex samples.

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