Vertical Sneeze Guards Available at Ultraflex Systems, Inc.

Vertical Sneeze GuardsIn 2020, demand for personal protection materials and devices are at an all-time high, which is causing supply shortages globally. Thankfully, Ultraflex Systems, Inc. offers an exceptional product that can be used for vertical sneeze guards and more. Enter AcryliFlex – a cast acrylic sheet that makes the ideal product for protective barriers.

Vertical Sneeze Guards on Demand – AcryliFlex

Our AcryliFlex material works great in applications where a transparent and durable surface is required. It is lightweight and comes in an acrylic sheet that is optimal for desktop protection, cabinet fronts, and other protective barriers and dividers. Additional benefits to AcryliFlex include:

  • It’s versatile across applications.
  • It is extremely durable and able to withstand heavy-traffic areas.
  • It is available in thicknesses from 2mm – 15mm.
  • It comes in convenient 4′ x 8′ sheets.

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PPE Products from Ultraflex

Ultraflex Systems, Inc. also offers a broad range of other PPE-related products. PETG is a unique, transparent material that features an anti-fog component and is great for face guards. Next, RxTex PP is a melt-blown polypropylene material that is ideal for use in face masks and more. This PPE fabric is available in 60″ widths, and it is reusable and washable.

Looking for even better protection? Check out RxProtect 2 and RxProtect 4. Each is ideal for medical applications, is available in 60″ widths, and features an AAMI Level 2 or 4 rating.

We gladly ship products in the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, and elsewhere worldwide, so if you are looking for top-rated materials for vertical sneeze guards or any other PPE fabric, contact us today! We have five North American warehouses, and we can ship your products FAST.

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