Printable Textile Media in the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada & Worldwide

Printable Textile Media
Now more than ever, there is a growing demand for printable textile media, and at Ultraflex Systems, Inc., you can find over 40 unique textile products to meet your needs, as well as a wide range of printable mesh media, front-lit media, back-lit media, blockout media, flooring media, and more. For over 30 years, our team has delivered high-quality, innovative printable media and flexible substrate solutions to customers across the globe, and our experts can help you select the product that will best meet your needs.

Printable Textile Media that Delivers Vivid Results

Our printable textiles can be used across a broad assortment of applications, including signage, PPE, banners, wall coverings, and more. Products include the following and more:

  • RxTex102 – RxTex 102 is a thermally bonded, non-woven material that is available in black and white colors. Ideal for applications in the medical industry that require an AAMI level 1 protection level, RxTex 102 is available in 60” and 120” widths.
  • RxProtect 4 – A chemically bonded, nonwoven material with a TPU coating, RxProtect 4 is available in charcoal and white colors and available in 60” widths.
  • MultiTex® S285 – MultiTex® S285 is a multi-purpose canvas that is made from 100% polyester spun yarn, and its unique construction and coating make it an economical choice for fine art reproduction, indoor displays, wall murals, and other art decor applications.
  • VorTex™ Blockout D252 – VorTex™ Blockout D252 is a 100% polyester woven fabric with a smooth print surface that is ideal for direct dye-sublimation, Latex, and UV processes.

We gladly ship products to the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, and elsewhere worldwide, so if you are looking for printable textile media or any other types of printable media products, contact us today for more information or to place orders.

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