7 oz Billboard Material in US & Worldwide

7 oz Billboard Material

If you are searching for a 7 oz billboard material, we’ve got you covered with several Ultraflex products including SuperPrint Economy Eclipse. If you not looking for a 7oz billboard material,  but are in need of a 7 oz material for another application, we have one in mind that is among the most versatile of all of the substrates available from Ultraflex for any purpose!  UltraPoplin PES S240 is a 100% knitted polyester with our Ultraflex universal coating. This may be not be included in the search for a 7 oz billboard material, but it can be used in a host of other applications including banners, art reprographics, displays, trade shows and wall coverings. The list of processes that UltraPoplin PES 240 has ink printability in is lengthy: solvent, eco-solvent, UV, latex, screen printing, dye transfer and dye direct.

Signetics, the printable magnetic receptive media from Ultraflex, is the perfect solution as a media material when messages need to be changed frequently. Signetics Select is not a latex printable magnetic receptive media, but it is eco-solvent, solvent and UV compatible. This non latex printable magnetic media is easy to install and does not require professional installation; simply roll it on! It is easy to clean and fingerprints can be removed without leaving residue. It is available in widths up to 74 inches.

Signetics is a perfect solution for the following applications:

  • Wall graphics
  • Menu boards
  • Retail POP
  • Interior design decorations
  • POS graphics
  • Directories

Technical data sheets are available for any Ultraflex 7 oz billboard material and any other material in our product lines. Each technical data sheet includes a product overview, material and application charts, ink printability and available sizes. Contact information on all Ultraflex worldwide locations, including the Ultraflex US Headquarters, are also listed on the sheet. Feel free to contact us to request any resource material available from Ultraflex Systems.

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