UV Printing Media in the US, Nationally & Beyond

If you are looking to catch the eyes of everyone passing by your exhibit at a tradeshow, one of the best solutions is using a back-lit UV printing media. Ultralon IV BL from Ultraflex Systems is an exceptionally durable display system and billboard material. With this UV printing media, you can continue to use your display piece for more than five years!  Vibrant colors work well with this particular material because it has a rare gloss face-film process.

Now that you have the product to catch the eye of people inside, what is one of the best ways to get attention on the road? Advertising on vehicles with a window perf material is an excellent choice. Whether you have just one vehicle or entire fleet of trucks, covering the windows with our UltraVision Window Perf 6040 UV will be bring results to your marketing strategy.

The REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation concerns the impact on the human health and the environment from chemicals. Because Ultraflex cares about our environment, many of our products are REACH compliant. One of more of the materials in the following Ultraflex product lines comply with the REACH regulation:

  • Back-Lit Banner Material
  • Flooring Material
  • Specialty Textile Material
  • Canvas Poplin Textile Material

Ultraflex didn’t just earn its reputation as the leading supplier of printable media products based solely on the exceptional quality and wide-range of products. The support we provide customers goes above and beyond. Our entire Ultraflex team is made up of subject matter experts. We know our stuff!  Custom order tracking, literature downloads and our free sample program are just a few examples of support available. Our international logistics team is ready to help get your UV printing media, window perf material or any of our other products to you in the US, nationally and beyond in a quick and efficient way. If you are ready to place an order or have product questions, call us today.

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