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Ultima® EcoVantage

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Ultima® EcoVantage is a 100% PVC and phthalate free material for outdoor advertising, PoS, wall coverings, and retail displays. The light weight material can be sewn and high frequency welded and has a high tear and tensile strength. Ultima EcoVantage provides an excellent option for printers looking for a lightweight, sustainable substrate. This material is compatible for use with solvent, eco-solvent. UV, Latex and screen printing. Available in widths from 54″-196″.

EcoVantage 190

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EcoVantage 190 is a 100% PVC  and phthalate free material for outdoor advertising. The material is suitable for various applications such as banners, display framing systems, POS, and any application that requires ecological approval. EcoVantage 190 provides an excellent option for printers looking for a light weight, sustainable substrate. The material is recyclable under code nr. 1 (PET). EcoVantage 190 is compatible for use with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, Latex and screen printing. Available in widths of 126”and196”.

ReSource Eclipse D260

VorTex™ Eclipse D270

ReSource Eclipse® D260 is an 8 oz., 100% polyester, soft blockout material with a black back. The material is crease-free for easy folding and shipping, dimensionally stable and opaque. ReSource Eclipse is ideal for pop-ups, framing systems, tradeshow graphics and other display applications. ReSource Eclipse® D260 is printable via UV and Latex. Available in widths ranging from 63” to 196”.

ReSource Backlit S181

ReSource Backlit S180 is a 5.3 oz., recycled woven polyester coated fabric. The material can be used for a wide range of applications such as LED-framing systems, light boxes, retail displays. Indoor banners and point of sale displays. ReSource Backlit S180 is compatible with UV and Latex printing. ReSource Backlit S180 is fire resistant and is available in widths from 63” – 196.”

VorTex Backlit Event T202

VorTex™ Backlit Event T202

VorTex Backlit Event T202 is a 5.96oz. woven polyester fabric, made with 10% recycled yarns. The unique construction eliminates spider cracking and wrinkles disappear under tension. The fabric offers high resolution imaging when printed via the dye-sublimation transfer process. Available in widths of 63” and 126″.

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