Billboard Material

Billboard Material

Many of Ultraflex print substrates work extremely well as billboard material. Optimized for solvent & UV printing, they’ll retain ink and color for months, even years. The Superprint Economy Eclipse and JetFlex/Normandy Lite ranges are highly regarded as billboard material. But if you’re printing for billboards there are a few other products to consider: Billboard 520′ Eclipse®, Billboard Select Eclipse®, Evolve PE Banner and Evolve PE140 Eclipse®.

At 7oz/yd2, Billboard 520′ consists of a PVC coating on polyester yarn. That makes it a lightweight billboard material and the black-back maximizes opacity, (which prevents the images from underneath showing through!). It’s available in 150”, 170” and 193” widths and is suitable for both solvent printing and eco-solvent printing plus UV and latex.

Evolve PE 140 is even lighter, coming in at just 4oz/yd2. Being PVC-free, this is an environmentally friendly billboard material with excellent recycle-ability, and a black-back delivers complete opacity. Evolve PE 140 is formulated for high-speed UV printing. It comes in a 196” width.

Billboard Select Eclipse® FL is a 7 oz. black-backed substrate for billboard applications, similar to Billboard 520 Eclipse.  The billboard product is specially formulated for high-speed, one-pass printing, Select Eclipse is used for solvent and UV. The 328’ long rolls allow for increase efficiency by reducing the time it takes to change out material. Available in 196” wide rolls by 328’ long.

Evolve PE Banner is a 6.49 oz. grey-backed substrate designed for billboard applications. The product is specially formulated for high-speed UV printing.  Evolve PE is 100% PVC free, recyclable.  The material may be used for indoor or outdoor applications where a PVC free substrate is required. Evolve PE Banner is available in rolls of 196” x164’ .

Billboard 520, Billboard Select, and the Evolve products are very lightweight. Weight is a serious matter with billboard material. Here are some advantages of keeping it low.

  • Easier to lift, saves manpower
  • Carry more in the truck or delivery van
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Easier installation
  • Less tearing risk

Marketeers find billboards an effective way of getting their message across, but using the wrong billboard material produces shoddy results and reflects poorly on the advertised product. The specialists at Ultraflex understand the particular demands placed on billboard material and would love to guide you through the selection process. Start that conversation and contact us today!

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