PRINTING United Expo 2022 Recap

After months of preparation, we were delighted (and relieved) to exhibit at PRINTING United Expo 2022. The Ultraflex exhibitor booth was one of 700+ exhibitors, and energetic, curious attendees flocked to our booth to see the newest and greatest products on display. Our products were creatively showcased in many applications using a Mad Men-era, retro NYC-inspired theme. Below are the highlights of what was featured in our exhibit.

VorTex™ Soft Signage Solutions is a leading industry fabric and textile line and a popular choice for many application-driven printers.

VorTex™ Bolero S225 is a woven polyester fabric with a bright white point that enhances this subway-style design.

The backside of our deck structure showcases VorTex™ Grand Display D223, a crease-free, tight-knit fabric with a billboard-on-brick design.

Within this “office,” a stunning cityscape view using VorTex™ Backlit Event T202 reveals the textile’s crisp and brilliant high-resolution capabilities when printing wide-format graphics.

The office décor also featured DecorFlex upholstered chairs, VorTex™ Triple White D251 curtain prints, and Wallscapes Plus wallcoverings.

This image shows a large print of a New York City cityscape view set-up within a simulated office.

PVC-free and phthalate-free products, such as the ReSource™ Backlit S180, made with recycled woven materials, were also displayed. PVC-free materials are in high demand as the sustainable industry grows and consumer interest increases. The EcoVantage line was among the top attractions as attendees sought the latest sustainable products.

The new product showcased was VorTex™ Transfer Paper, a revolutionary dye-sublimation transfer paper available in 65gsm, 85gsm, and 105gsm weights. On display was a comparison of different weights of paper to fabric, showing the difference in color density and vibrancy.

FabriTac® and UltraPoplin® PES S240 were used in this newsstand-inspired greeting station where attendees were welcomed.

FabriTac® and Signetics® Magnetic Receptive Media were creatively combined into a retro hot dog cart.

Floorscapes, a durable clear vinyl floor graphic media was utilized throughout the entire booth with a NYC street and sidewalk print graphic.

PRINTING United Expo was a huge success, and we thank everyone who visited our booth. We look forward to seeing you at the next PRINTING United Expo on Oct. 18-20. 2023.

Ultraflex's Sign Expo Booth

ISA Sign Expo 2022 Recap

Ultraflex would like to thank everyone who visited our booth during Sign Expo 2022. What a fantastic turnout! At this year’s expo, we showcased a wide range of our high-performance digitally printable textiles, flexible materials, and rigid substrates.

VorTex™ Soft Signage Solutions, including T, D, and S-Line fabrics and textiles optimized for various printing techniques, were featured.

A full range of décor solutions was featured, including Floorscapes™, Wallscapes™ Plus wallcoverings, UltraCarpet® Pantone, and DecorFlex.

Products shown in image:

Wallcovering Solutions Wall: Wallscapes EcoVantage, Wallscapes Plus,
Wallscapes XL, & Fabritac
DecorFlex Leather & DecorFlex Suede upholstered chairs
UltraCarpet Pantone accent rug

A range of EcoVantage™ and biodegradable materials were showcased. Our EcoVantage™ products offer PVC-free, phthalate-free, and eco-conscious solutions to the growing sustainable industry.

ReSource Backlit S180

Also showcased were AcryliFlex, Signetics® Magnetic Receptive Media, FloorFlex®Plus, HP Latex Certified Media, and more.

A special thank you to our printer partners who printed our material throughout the Expo: HP, Epson, Mimaki, Vanguard, and swissQprint.

Lastly, we’d like to thank our Inside and Outside Sales, Warehouse, and Production teams for their dedication and hard work!

To learn more about our award-winning products and the latest product launches, please contact us. Request a sample here.

Ultraflex Holiday Party 2021

Ultraflex Systems Holiday Party marked many milestones and accomplishments this year. A special award was presented to employees who have been with us for more than ten years. Those recognized were Kylie Schleicher (10 yr), Louis Lopez (15 yr), Claudio Izquierdo (15 yr), William Lyon (17 yr), Annalie Carter (21 yr), Susan Schleicher (20 yr), and John Schleicher (30+ yr).

“For over thirty years, Ultraflex has invested in providing the highest quality products to our valued customers. Ultraflex has invested in tools and equipment throughout the years to help manage, handle, and sell its high-quality products. While these two assets (products and tools and equipment) are highly important to the company, I believe our most important asset is our employees.”

Ron Schneider- President and COO, Ultraflex Systems

In addition, Ron Schneider was announced as the company’s new President and COO by John Schleicher, Ultraflex Systems CEO.

The evening full of dancing, celebrating, and toasting the holidays brought together Ultraflex team members from across the country and made it memorable for years to come.

Ultraflex Virtual Event to Showcase Latest Solutions and Presentations with Leading Industry Partners

Online event being held Dec. 9-10 from 10 am – 3 pm ET

Ultraflex will host a free online event on December 9 and 10 where top experts in the digital print industry will present on a variety of topics to help industry-related professionals become more successful by providing actionable information about relevant products, facilitate industry-specific discussions, and maximize networking and industry partnerships. Ultraflex partners will also present new solutions during the event. Registration is required and can be completed online at:

During the course of the two-day online event, attendees will have the opportunity to see the latest developments from Ultraflex on its industry-leading media and products, including new product launches. Ultraflex partners HP, swissQprint, Durst, Epson, and Mimaki, and Miller Weldmaster will demonstrate the most popular print and welding technologies. A special guest speaker from PRINTING United Expo will also present the latest information about industry trends. There will be door prize drawings during the event, and up to three winners will be selected to win a free roll of specified media.

“Our team is excited to share this event with everyone in the digital print industry. We look forward to engaging, networking, and sharing many resources and tools to help businesses in 2022.”

– Kylie Schleicher, Director of Product Development.

Event Registration
Those interested in attending need to register for this special event which can be done online at:
For questions about the event, contact Audrianna Manee, Marketing Manager: [email protected] / 973-
627-8608 ext. 210.

virtual events

Virtual Events – Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

Virtual Events – Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

What We’ve Learned about Virtual Meetings

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since the beginning of the pandemic in America. During the past months, we’ve had to rethink the way we work, learn, play, and more. We’ve also had to figure out how to keep businesses going – and growing – despite significant obstacles.

Technology has helped us adjust to a new environment. And even though we miss the in-person connections with customers and co-workers, a virtual approach may be our reality for a while longer.

We jumped in with the first Ultraflex virtual trade show in October 2020. Our next one is March 17 – more about that in a moment. Since our first show, we’ve hosted and participated in many virtual trade shows and training sessions. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot.

Lesson 1: Do a Trial Run

Technical glitches can create a major disconnect. We’ve had our fair share and learned early on to devote enough time for a full run-through with technology and presenters. Our advice is to have a backup for anything and everything, such as the loss of an internet connection, a video that lags or won’t play, or a presenter who may or may not have experience with screen-sharing.

Check out this great guide for hosting online events, including options for event technology and platforms, or explore SAE International’s best practice guide for virtual meetings.

Lesson 2: Minimize the Monologue

We’ve all attended a virtual meeting or event where one talking head presents slide after slide. About 45 minutes later, the presenter announces: “Are there any questions?” By that time, many attendees have zoned out.

The challenge is to find ways to engage with participants throughout the event. Yes, it takes some work and creative thinking, but the extra effort will pay off. The best solutions are often born after engaging with customers who talk about their needs or concerns – things you may have never considered before.

If you want to keep participants on high alert during your virtual event, show videos, demonstrations, panel discussions, give them polls to answer and quizzes to take. Here’s a good article on how to keep attendees engaged before, during, and after your event.

Lesson 3: Show Your Customers You Care

Without face-to-face contact, your customers may not realize how much you care about their success. Whenever you engage virtually with customers, make sure they know you are thinking creatively about how to meet their needs.

For example, when businesses began reopening last summer, we helped customers learn how to implement signage, seat covers, wall and floor coverings, and more to help consumers feel safe while navigating seating, directions, and social distancing.

Lesson 4: Take Part in Virtual Trade Shows

We don’t know when we will be together again. In the meantime, virtual events can help us stay productive and allow us to continue inventing new and amazing solutions.

During the past few months, Ultraflex virtual trade shows have given customers a place where they can see, learn, experience, and talk about new applications, trends, and challenges for the industry.

Our next virtual trade show is March 17. We’ll be looking at important market trends, including green initiatives that allow products to evolve in an environmentally friendly way. Learn more and register for the March 17 virtual trade show here.

If you missed our previous virtual trade shows, you can view our archives anytime:

• The October 7, 2020 virtual trade show focused on working with digitally printable textiles.
• The October 21, 2020 virtual trade show focused on the latest innovations in décor solutions.
• The November 4, 2020 show explored how to finish fabrics using Bannerups and SEGDesign.
• The November 18, 2020 show explored a range of décor products and how they are tested for durability and certification.
• The January 13, 2021 show focused on navigating Personal Protective Gear (PPE) and how Ultraflex can assist.
• The January 27, 2021 virtual event showed ways to safely and comfortable invite people back to indoor dining and shopping with proper signage and social distancing signage and barriers.
• The February 24, 2021 event showcased the importance of color management with dye-sublimation.

You can also find us at the virtual ISA Sign Expo April 7 to 9. We’ll showcase the latest products, market trends, and solutions that can help you reach unique audiences and grow your business. Register for the event here.

We’re ready to explore the possibilities with you – on whatever device you choose. For more information about how to get started, email us.

Décor Solutions

Décor Solutions Open New Growth Avenues for Printers

Is your printing business facing tough times? We have an idea that could help printers expand into new markets, fuel profits and keep customers coming back for more.

Now is a great time to offer décor solutions that turn on the WOW factor in any space, from corporate lobbies to golf carts. Wherever people work, shop, play, study or even stand, décor solutions can create a more vibrant, compelling environment.

Think about it: People are more aware of their surroundings than ever before. What are the messages your customers need to send about their brand? With your excellent printing capabilities and our extensive lineup of décor solutions, you can create a truly customized feel for any space.

We’ve got you covered!

We offer a comprehensive lineup of décor solutions:

• Wallcoverings
• Canvas
• Upholstery
• Flooring

Need to help your customers transform walls from bland to grand? Our wallcoverings come in multiple options to fit unique settings. We have PVC and polyester options that can brand any space, such as hospitals, restaurants, daycare centers and other facilities of any size.

Need to create a stunning graphic for a special event or location? Glassless canvas prints are the way to go. Our canvas gallery wrap materials can be used in homes, restaurants, galleries, hotels and other indoor locations that need a show-stopping graphic.

While you are creating the ideal environment with wallcoverings and canvas graphics, why not reimagine seating areas, golf carts, corporate lobby chairs and more to tie it all together? Our highly durable suede and leather upholstery solutions provide an eye-catching pop to any environment.

And don’t forget the floor! Graphic flooring is an excellent way to create visual interest in any location. We have an extensive line of graphic flooring materials that direct consumers to a destination or inspire customers to support a brand. You can see our flooring materials everywhere, such as in bars, restaurants, office buildings and retail stores.

Seeing is believing

Under normal circumstances, we would be demonstrating our décor solutions during an interactive in-person trade show. We miss the trade show experience but have come up with another way to help you connect and explore new solutions that can benefit business growth.

You are invited to the Ultraflex virtual trade show where we will show you the latest innovations in décor solutions. The trade show is free. Simply register here. You can join us or watch the show on demand. A another virtual event on the Decor products takes place Nov. 18. It’s free too, and it’s easy to register here.

Also, watch this video any time to see how our suede and leather upholstery solutions can step up energy and inspiration in a variety of settings.

And always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions about how we can help you be successful, even when times are tough. For more information, email us.