A Vertical Health Guard for Your Protection

Vertical Health GuardIt seems you can’t go anywhere these days without seeing a vertical health guard in place at every checkout counter – and for good reason. Most businesses recognize the need for employee, customer, and guest safety, and they are working overtime to ensure that everyone stays safe by installing vertical partition barriers in areas where close interactions are bound to occur. These barriers help prevent the passage of air and can help your employees and customers avoid passing dangerous viral particles back and forth.

At Ultraflex Systems, Inc., we have product options that are ideal for creating these health partitions in your business, and we can help you choose the right product for your needs.

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Great Products for a Top-Quality, Vertical Health Guard

For decades, Ultraflex Systems, Inc. has been renowned for offering the products that our customers need – when they need them. For our loyal customers, it comes as no surprise that we have added an assortment of personal protection media, material, and fabrics to our product offering.

For those interest in creating vertical barriers, we have two exceptional products from which to choose, including:

  • AcryliFlex – This product is a lightweight, cast acrylic sheet that is ideal for applications where extremely durable, transparent surfaces are needed. AcryliFlex is available in thicknesses ranging from 2mm – 15mm and can be purchased in sheets ranging from 4’ x 8’.
  • AcryliFlex X – Very similar to AcryliFlex, AcryliFlex X is a lightweight, extruded acrylic sheet that is ideal for applications such as POP displays, retail signage, desk top protection, cabinet fronts, sneeze guards, protective barriers, protective dividers, and more. AcryliFlex X is available in thicknesses ranging from 3.0mm – 9.5mm and can be purchased in sheets from 4’ x 8’.

Need more help deciding which product is right for you? Allow our product experts to be your guide or request a sample to truly see what our products are all about.

If you are located in the USA, England, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, or elsewhere worldwide and are looking for vertical health guard materials or other PPE fabrics for your business, contact us today!

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