Mesh Products

If you want a source of mesh products, with their own unique scrim pattern and construction characteristics, we invite you to learn more about our mesh products at Ultraflex Systems Incorporated. We feature a variety of flexible mesh PVC materials that are created to work well with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV printers. These mesh products are available in a selection of widths for greater versatility.

Choose UltraMesh® Premium 328 material, a 10oz white coated mesh for vivid and consistent colors. This is a superb choice for building wraps, and fence and barricade graphics. Our UltraMesh® Supreme is a 9 oz. coated, polyester scrim, mesh banner that has slit-like holes for improved image production. This is an excellent choice where small print and details are important.

Other available mesh products from Ultraflex Systems Incorporated include:

  • UltraMesh 100
  • Strip Mesh Pro LTX
  • UltraMesh Plus
  • Strip Mesh Plus
  • Speaker Mesh

Ultraflex carries a large inventory of material in stock. Our warehouses contain over 50 different flexible sign material styles worldwide. This allows us to carry a selection of materials in a variety of price points.  This, along with our exceptional customer service, has helped position Ultraflex as a leading supplier of printable sign substrates for the signage and graphics industry.

If you are in search of a back-lit or front-lit media supplier, or a reliable resource for mesh banner material, we invite you to contact us at Ultraflex Systems. We are a front-lit supplier that offers 18 separate choices of mesh banner materials. We have 10 options of back-lit media materials. We have a selection of blockout, textile, and specialty materials. We are your single source for wide range of flexible PVC media.

At Ultraflex, we are pleased to offer samples of all of our materials. For your samples or to learn more about our company or our products contact us today. We look forward to helping you with your projects and becoming your mesh and front-lit media supplier.


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