Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation

There are a lot of misperceptions about flexible PVC media, many of which revolve around its impact on the environment.  As a mesh media supplier, who supplies flexible PVC media, Ultaflex Systems Incorporated wants to dispel some of those myths.

While PVC carries some negative connotations, when it comes to the environment, dye sublimation can be green in many ways. For example, PVC requires less energy to manufacture than its largest volume competitors. PVC products often use fewer natural resources in their production. This value of this minimal use of natural resources is magnified when you consider its extended service life.

When incinerated at landfills, (which is about 20% of PVC) it produces no more dioxin than incineration of other products. In spite of what some have claimed, landfilled flexible PVC media does NOT release significant quantities of dioxin, mercury, chlorine gas or vinyl chloride monomer. It also doesn’t leach additives such as plasticizers and heat stabilizers into the environment.

At Ultraflex, we are as concerned with the environment as anyone. That is why we are constantly developing flexible PVC media and PVC-free media that are even more environmentally friendly. These include products like JetFlex® Phthalate Free and EvolveTM PE 140 Eclipse® which are becoming increasingly popular.

Count on UltraFlex to be your complete mesh media supplier. We have deep inventories of:

  • Front and back-lit media
  • Blackout media
  • Textiles
  • Flooring media
  • Specialty material

Contact one of our customer service specialists to learn more about our flexible media products and the many options available to you. Tell us about your organization and the typical materials it uses for oversized graphics. We will be happy to guide you through our selection of materials, width options, typical applications and price points. If you are in search of flexible PVC media, contact Ultraflex Systems Incorporated today.

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