Printable Canvas Material in the US or Worldwide

Ultraflex Systems, the international innovator and supplier of quality products has a complete collection of printable canvas material to meet a variety of applications. If your budget calls for a less expensive printable canvas material, our MultiTex S220 is our multi-purpose economy canvas. It can be used in banner, wall mural, backdrop and other fine art applications and is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex printing. Because it is stretchable, it can be framed.

Printable adhesive fabric media is ideal for many different applications. Brought to you by our creative team at Ultraflex, FabriTac has the added benefit of being a removable, printable adhesive fabric media. Even though the product retains its adhesion after being repositioned over and over again, it never leaves any residue.

Technical data sheets and other important information are available on all of our Ultraflex materials. Our FabriTac Installation Recommendations Literature includes the following information:

  • Characteristics and common uses
  • Surface Preparation
  • Application techniques
  • Removal of material

Our Ultraflex Systems team of print media specialists, from our inside and outside sales experts to our international logistics professionals, are always available to assist you in finding the right product for your specific needs. One of the invaluable tools that many people take advantage of is our Ultraflex Free Sample Program. We want you to be sure that the media you are interested in will be the right choice for both your application and printer.

Once you have printable canvas material or any other Ultraflex material in mind, we will send you a sample that you can use as a test. Samples are normally shipped in the US or to locations worldwide in 3-5 business days. Ultraflex product line brochures or sell sheets are also available upon request. Get a head start on your project. Request your free Ultraflex sample now!


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