VorTex D Line

VorTex™ Soft Signage Solutions by Ultraflex Systems, offers a variety of fabrics designed for optimal print performance with unparalled quality and design. The VorTex line is easy-to-use and is application driven.

Textiles in the VorTex D Line are optimized for direct dispersion printing. Specifically, the textiles are designed and coated to hold a high resolution and wide color gamut, especially high-density blacks. For printers with grand-format direct to fabric sublimation or UV capabilities, the line contains seamless 5 meter (16ft) wide fabric options. The VorTex D line may also be printed via dye transfer process.*





  Outdoor Flags Backdrops Tension Fabric Displays Banners Trade Show Event Pop-Up Frames Retail Window Flow
VorTexTM Backlit Optimum D270              
VorTexTM Backlit LX D300              
VorTexTM Broadway D290              
VorTexTM Eclipse D270            
VorTexTM Triple White D251            
VorTexTM Blockout D250              
VorTexTM Super Stretch D231          
VorTexTM Stretch D229          
VorTexTM Flag D110          
DualTex® HD D360                
UltraCanvas® Backlit D280              
UltraPoplin® Soft Image D240            


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