Solvent Printing

When you need vivid colors and pixel-sharp image reproduction solvent printing is the way to go. Ultraflex’s solvent printable products produce high quality, durable signage and display materials . . Yes it’s the ink or pigment that forms the image but the solvent-to-print-media interaction determines the quality. At a microscopic level solvent actually bites into the print media. That ensures an exceptionally strong, wear-resistant bond and is why picking the right Ultraflex print media for the job is so important

Solvent and eco-solvent printing works on a wide range of pressure sensitive vinyl (PSV) media and other materials like knitted polyester. From the Ultraflex product range, it can be used with front-lit, fabric and banner materials such as:

  • SuperPrint Plus FL
  • Normandy Pro/JetFlex FL
  • Pole Banner Blockout
  • DSS 12oz Blockout
  • UltraPoplin PES S240

While optimized for solvent printing, these deliver very similar results with eco-solvent printing. Eco-solvent printing uses less caustic ingredients, reducing concerns over fumes and handling..

Solvent printing allows smaller dot sizes in the image. That means better definition in details like faces. Solvent printing and eco-solvent printing are cost-effective too. The media costs less than that for other printing processes and needs no top coating. Plus, the solvent dries quickly, helping shorten delivery times. In an era when time matters more than ever, that can be an order winner!

Choosing the best digital printing media for signage or displays can leave you scratching your head. With years of experience and in-depth understanding of printing technologies, Ultraflex can guide you through the process. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.

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