Soft Signage Material in US & Nationally

If banners and flags are in your outdoor advertising strategy, then soft signage material will bring the best results. Ultraflex Systems has an extensive selection of high quality, soft signage materials in stock that are ready to ship at a moment’s notice. If a PVC free material is required in the specifications for your banner project, Evolve PE Banner is a perfect solution.

Evolve PE Banner is a grey backed, PVC free material which is specially formulated for high-speed UV printing. It is one of our eco-friendly products. It is also recyclable. Evolve PE Banner is also an excellent choice for billboards and building wraps. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is available in rolls of 196” X 164’.

The VorTex T line is designed for dye transfer, latex and UV processes. This product is compatible with sublimation temperatures over 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The VorTex Heavy T340 is a 100% polyester knitted fabric that is wrinkle and fire resistant. VorTex Soft T230 is also a 100% polyester knitted fabric, but it is lighter in weight than the VorTex T430. Because of the smooth print surface and soft drape characteristics, this fabric is ideal for banners and tablecloths. 

A few of the benefits of the soft signage material in the VorTex T line include the following:

  • Easy sewing for 10’ graphics
  • Wide color range
  • Consistent print quality
  • Fire resistant

While the quality of soft signage material is an important factor in selecting a supplier, the reputation of the supplier should be of equal importance. Ultraflex Systems has been recognized nationally and internationally, for more than 25 years as the leader in PVC and specialty substrates. Ultraflex maintains five warehouses in the US that ship product worldwide.  Contact us today!

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