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Printable soft signage manufacturer Ultraflex Systems hit a home run with Vortex soft signage solutions. There are three lines of Vortex textiles. The knitted and woven top-selling fabrics in the Vortex S line are perfect front lit banner materials. They are also often used for back lit and blockout applications and well-suited for eco-solvent, solvent and Latex printers.

For use in dye transfer, Latex and UV processes, the T line fabrics are treated and heat set for sublimation processes over 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The materials in the T line are fire and wrinkle resistant, while the materials in the D line can be used with grand format UV capabilities, direct to fabric sublimation or a dye transfer process. The coating on the D line materials ensures great color resolution of high density blacks and a wide range of colors. Fabrics in the Ultraflex Systems Vortex D line include the following:

  • Vortex Backlit LX D300
  • Vortex Super Stretch D231
  • Vortex Eclipse D270
  • UltraPoplin Soft Image D240
  • UltraCanvas Backlit D280
  • Vortex Triple White D251

As the premiere printable soft signage manufacturer, Ultraflex Systems is committed to providing customers with a diverse selection of products from economically priced to high-end materials. The quality of digital media from Ultraflex Systems, from front lit banner materials to magnetic receptive media, is never compromised. No product is introduced in the Ultraflex Systems line of products without achieving superior manufacturing standards. 

Innovation is what makes Ultraflex Systems different from any other printable soft signage manufacturer. We introduce new products globally every year to meet the challenges of the technological advances in the printing industry and can meet your digital media needs for any type of indoor and outdoor application for advertising, branding or other purposes. To learn more about how Ultraflex Systems can help you to surpass your printable media goals, contact us now.

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