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Freight Damage

Freight damage, unfortunately, happens occasionally as freight carriers do not always treat products with the care they deserve. A freight damage claim may be required to remedy the damage. If a customer order was shipped and damaged by the customer’s freight carrier or agent, a claim must be filed directly with that carrier and does not qualify for this form.

Please review the below requirements for freight shipments:

  • Freight damage claims may only be requested if Ultraflex has arranged freight carrier shipment on customer orders. 
  • Packaging must be visibly inspected upon pickup or delivery prior to signing off acceptance of the order. If material packaging has been damaged, allowing determination or suspicion that the actual material has been damaged, delivery or pickup should be refused.
  • If a shipment was accepted but subsequent shipping damage is found or suspected within a reasonable timeframe, you may file a damage claim. However, your claim may be denied if submitted outside a reasonable timeframe.
  • Ultraflex will not allow returns or credit for material accepted by the customer where apparent damage was not noted and later claimed to have been damaged in shipment.
  • Claims must be filed within 60 days of receipt of shipment. Claims past 60 days of receipt of shipment will no longer qualify.

File a Freight Damage Claim

Return to Stock

We recognize there may be circumstances where a customer may need to return products. Ultraflex products may be returned by filling out a “Return to Stock” claim along with the below requirements and restocking fees:

  • Products and rolls must be returned in sellable condition or in original, undamaged packaging to receive credit. 
  • If products or rolls are not in sellable condition or original, undamaged packaging, they will not be eligible for credit. 
  • Material must not have been cut, sheeted, or altered in any way from its original state. 
  • Customer is responsible for covering freight charges when returning the product to Ultraflex. 
  • Products/rolls returned within 60 days of the original invoice date are subject to a 15% restocking fee. 
  • Products/rolls returned within 61 and 120 days of the original invoice date are subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  • Products/rolls returned within 121 and 180 days of the original invoice date are subject to a 35% restocking fee. 
  • Products/rolls returned after 181 days will not be eligible for return credit.

File a Return to Stock Claim

Material Defect

Ultraflex prides itself on offering reliable, consistent, and compliant materials. However, materials may become defective from time to time due to elements outside our control. For this reason, we allow a material defect claim to be submitted as we want to ensure the highest quality and standard of material.

Claims for defective products are subjected to review by Ultraflex with our standard “RGA” process. Please review the below process for Material Defect claims:

Part A- Requirements to file:

  • Claims for defective material credit must have an RGA opened and a sample received by Ultraflex within 180 days of the original invoice date. No defective product or credit reviews will be considered after 180 days.
  • Other than the sample piece, the material in question cannot have been cut, sheeted, or altered in any way from its original condition. 
  • We may require the defective products to be returned rather than destroyed, for which we will cover the cost of said return shipments. 
  • Once defective products are returned, or if the return is waived, we may grant credit to the customer’s account.

Part A- Process to file:

Step 1: Submit a Material Defect Claim

Step 2: Once submitted and accepted, a claim will be converted to an Open RGA request.

Step 3: Send a sample of the defective product to Ultraflex utilizing your carrier. Please ensure you have an Open RGA request before sending a sample. Please submit the sample to the below address:

Ultraflex Systems
Attn: Claims Dept. & RGA #
1578 Sussex Turnpike, Bldg. 4
Randolph NJ, 07869

File a Material Defect Claim

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