Best Fabric for Sublimation Printing in USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada & Worldwide

Best Fabric for Sublimation Printing

There are three major types of printing processes: Latex, UV, and dye sublimation. At Ultraflex, many of our products can be used with multiple forms of printing, and the best fabric for sublimation printing often provides for Latex and UV Printing, as well. Here’s an overview of our Latex, UV, and dye sublimation printing fabric.

Dye Sublimation Options

Dye sublimation is a unique process, through which dyes are turned immediately from a solid to a gas and transferred through heat. Due to the heat transfer process, special products must be used for dye sublimation printing. However, a significant advantage to dye sublimation is that it requires minimal setup, is fast, and can be used for print runs of any type. 

Our VorTex D Line has been specifically designed for this type of direct dispersion printing, making it some of the best fabric for sublimation printing within the industry.

Latex Printing Options

Latex printing is one of the more popular types of printing. We have front-lit media, back-lit media, blockout media, mesh banner material, specialty materials, textiles, wide format essential media, and magnetic receptive media, all of which contain products that are compatible with Latex printing processes.

Latex printing uses fast-drying, Latex inks that are applied to either a coated or uncoated surface. Finished products can often be used both indoors and outdoors because of the durability of Latex inks, and it can be applied to everything from textiles to vinyl. Some of our popular Latex options include our Canvas Material and UltraCarpet Extra.

UV Printing Options

UV printing involves the use of UV lights, which cure the ink as it is printed. The ink is printed on the product wet, but the ink turns hard and dry when UV light shines on it. Due to this quick-drying process, UV printing can be used to create exceptionally high-quality, high-resolution imagery. 

Our UV printing product options, like all of our products, come with technical sheets and samples available. Some of our more popular UV options include our UltraBanner FL and the FloorFlex Digital.

An industry leader for over 25 years, we offer the best fabric for sublimation printing, UV printing, and Latex printing. We ship to the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, and worldwide from our 5 North American warehouses. If you’re interested in our sublimation printing fabric, contact us today.

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