Window Film in the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada & Worldwide

window filmWindow film allows you to make great advertising use of your exterior and interior windows, as well as your glass entryway doors. By using these often overlooked areas for branding and advertising campaigns, your potential customers will see your brand promise the moment they step on your lot

At Ultraflex Systems, Inc., we offer one of the most popular window films on the market. Our UltraVision® Window Perf 60/40 UV window film is ideal for exterior mounted window advertisements, in-store branding, building windows, and even vehicle windows.  Made from perforated, white gloss, calendared graphic film, UltraVision® Window Perf 60/40 UV has a 40% open area that is optimal for two-way viewing and top-quality imaging. It also features a black adhesive backside, a paper backer and an additional center release liner.

UltraVision® Window Perf 60/40 UV is available in widths of 49” and 54” and can be printed on the front, non-adhesive side with solvent, eco-solvent and UV inks. Unlike with other window film products, the release liner on UltraVision® Window Perf 60/40 UV catches the ink while printing and prevents ink build-up from clogging the perforated holes. This means your advertising message won’t get lost in translation, and your branding will remain in place for years to come.

Other Products from Ultraflex Systems, Inc.

In addition to our window branding products, Ultraflex Systems, Inc. also provides marketing and advertising professionals with a wide array of other specialty products to further promote their brand. We regularly release new products and have an assortment of back-lit media, front-lit media, blockout media, textiles, magnetic media and much more.

If you are looking for high-quality UV window film products that are manufactured by a company you can trust, contact the printable media experts at Ultraflex Systems, Inc. today for more information or to place an order. We have five North American locations, and we are equipped to quickly ship products to the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere worldwide.

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