Printable Floor Vinyl in the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada & Worldwide

Printable Floor Vinyl Are you looking for a creative way to utilize more nonconventional advertising space? You’re in luck. Ultraflex Systems, Inc. has a line of printable floor vinyl, as well as many other innovative, high-quality products, that can help you do just that. From our graphic flooring media to our eco solvent printable canvas and more, we have the digital print media you need for eye-grabbing advertisements in any space.

Printable Floor Vinyl

At Ultraflex Systems, Inc., we have an assortment of printable floor media to help you take your advertisements and corporate messaging to the next level. Product options include:

FloorFlex® Plus: This printable floor media is suitable for UV and Latex printers and is engineered with a non-slip Latex backing. Ideal for lobbies, waiting areas, trade show floors, and other promotional events, it is available in widths of 79” or 122”. It can also be used outdoors for short durations!

Floorscapes™ Clear Media: Floorscapes™ Clear Media is a clear, durable, vinyl, floor graphic media that is 65 oz. and 70 mils. Ideal for those who are looking for a smooth embossment, this product perfectly supports image clarity and precision for consistent custom graphics.

Additional Flooring Products

Ultraflex Systems, Inc. also carries other, non-vinyl graphic floor media products to better serve your needs. Our UltraCarpet® Extra is a white, tufted-pile carpet made especially for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, screen printing and Latex printing, and its ink will not scratch off. Additionally, the drying time minimal, and it is available in widths from 71” to 196”.

We are also proud to carry AquaFlex®, which is an underwater branding media. Designed to be used on the floors of pools, spas, water features, and aquascapes, Aquaflex® protects ink underwater to keep your branding preserved for long periods.

Additional Product Lines

We carry a wide range of non-floor products, as well, including our eco solvent printable canvas, Artex®, and a broad assortment of front-lit, back-lit, blockout, mesh, textile, and other printable media products.

If you are looking for top-quality printable floor vinyl in the USA, England, Scotland, Mexico, Canada, or elsewhere worldwide, turn to Ultraflex Systems, Inc. We have experts on hand who are ready to help you choose the ideal product for your application, so contact us today to learn more!

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