Magnetic Receptive Material Globally Available

Ultraflex Systems has set the new magnetic receptive material standard with our three innovative Signetics products – Signetics Select, Signetics Duo and Signetics LTX. The new Signectics line is a new addition to Ultraflex Systems’ block out banner material, front-lit media, back-lit media, specialty material and other digital media product lines.

Signetics products are perfect for applications where advertising or messaging changes frequently. The media can be effortlessly installed onsite and is extremely durable. Other benefits of our magnetic receptive media include no edge chipping and easy cleaning. In addition, no lamination is required.

All three Signetics products are compatible with solvent, eco-solvent and UV printing equipment. Signetics Select has a smooth backside which prevents print scratching when the material is stacked or rolled. The two-sided printing capability of Signetics Duo allows two graphics to be printed simultaneously, while Signetics LTX creates flawless graphics due to the product’s superior ink adhesion. Both Signetics Duo and Signetics LTX are also certified for use with HP Latex inks.

The Signetics magnetic receptive material line produces extraordinary results for applications such as the following and more:

  • Wall and fixture graphics
  • Retail POS and POP graphics
  • Menu boards and directories
  • Interior design decoration

After a Signetics LTX or Signetics Duo printing project, your printing team won’t have to change printers when they start to work on banner, billboard or display system projects if they use Blockout LTX, Pole Banner and UltraBlockout Banner Pro from our block out material line because these block out banner material products are also certified for use with HP Latex inks.

To ensure that the magnetic receptive material or another material you plan to use will produce the results you desire, you can take advantage of our Ultraflex Sample Program. Product samples are available globally for testing purposes and usually ship within three to five business days. Contact us today to request your sample.

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