Leading Edge Quality Media

The Leading Edge Quality Media Certified for HP Latex Inks portfolio is presented in three uniquely customized lines.

We have hand-selected a versatile and diverse range of products for the Latex certification program including front-lit banner vinyl, blockout banner vinyl, vinyl mesh with liner, repositionable fabric, art-canvas, earth-friendly fabrics and wallpaper.

These products have been tested and certified for their superior compatibility with the following HP Latex printers: HP Latex 260, HP Latex 280, HP Latex 820 & HP Latex 850. In order to become certified in this program, each product must successfully pass a comprehensive testing process that includes, but is not limited to the following criteria:

  • Creation of ICC profiles
  • Print quality / output results
  • Printer-media interaction
  • Image handle-ability / performance


The following profiles have been certified for HP Latex inks. There is an ICC profile available for each printer under the HP Latex certification. To access these profiles, click here and key in the corresponding Profile ID #.


HP Latex 260/280

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HP Latex 300 Series

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HP Latex 820/850

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HP Latex 3000 Series

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