Eco Solvent Backlit Film Shipping Globally

eco solvent backlit film

Ultraflex Systems is the digital media developer and supplier you can count on when you need an exceptional quality eco solvent backlit film for an upcoming indoor or outdoor marketing campaign. Ultraflex Systems is a recognized leader in the industry known for producing innovative PVC and specialty substrate printable media that is suitable for all types of applications. Our product lines include everything from back-lit, front-lit, blockout and double sided mesh banner materials to canvas fabrics, window film, magnetic receptive media and more that are printable on solvent, eco-solvent, UV, Latex, dye sublimation and/or screen printing equipment.

The Ultraflex Systems Back-Lit Media Line features more than 10 products including IllumiSol BL Film, SuperSmooth PET BL and Bravura Backlit LTX 190. IllumiSol BL Film is a UV, solvent and eco solvent backlit film perfect for digital marketing applications such as banners, light boxes, transit graphics, display systems and more. This light diffusing media offers features and benefits such as the following and more:

  • 5 mil PET film
  • Quick-drying top coat
  • Superior light diffusion
  • Base film specifically designed to produce incredible backlit images and graphics
  • Unique lacquer on back-side prevents ink transfer
  • Available on 54”, 60”, 72”, 80” and 86” face-out rolls

Scrimless SuperSmooth PET BL is the curl-free 13.5 oz. flat backlit media from Ultraflex Systems. Illumi-Pro UV 185 is the PET film that’s 100% PVC free. This high-speed UV printable backlit media is ideal for exhibition panels, high-resolution posters and double sided mesh banner applications. Bravura Backlit LTX 190 is the new back-lit media that Ultraflex Systems recently introduced to the market. This non-curl, 190 micron, PET film features a 108 whiteness level and produces exceptionally vivid colors and high image resolution on banners, displays and posters when printed on UV and Latex equipment.

Ultraflex Systems offers samples for testing purposes that are available for shipping globally to digital media users to help ensure that the Latex, UV, solvent or eco solvent backlit film selected will always produce the desired result on the equipment that will actually be used for printing. Contact a media specialist at Ultraflex Systems for more information on specific back-lit film products or to request product samples.

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