Customized Selfie Booths, AquaFlex®, and more from Ultraflex

Perks of Getting a Customized Selfie Booth, AquaFlex®, and More this Summer

Summer is around the corner, and with that comes more pool parties and company events. What better way to elevate your business than with customized products from Ultraflex? We offer a wide variety of digitally printable textiles, flexible materials, and specialty media that can benefit your home or business. From elevating front-facing media in customized selfie booths to adding waterproof graphics to pool floors, Ultraflex has a solution for you.

Enhance your underwater area with an exciting and quality-made product like AquaFlex®. Made from recyclable pool liners, AquaFlex® is a customizable waterproof graphic that is easy to position with a pool brush or by hand on the bottom of a pool floor. Our production of specialty media doesn’t stop there. Another effective way our media is utilized is through customized selfie booths and step-and-repeats. Our flexible and specialty materials provide the perfect backdrop to showcase a company or brand’s message and turn your event into a hit. If you’re interested in gaining traffic and attention through underwater signage, media for your photobooths, or additional Ultraflex materials, don’t hesitate to reach out and request a sample.

Improve and Customize Your Selfie Booth

Customized selfie booths are quite the craze right now! Thousands of selfie booths are rented out by independent operators and large entertainment companies on a daily basis. To make your booth stand out at events, consider adding your brand logo and artwork to the outside of the booth. By doing so, you can make your booth individualized and showcase your product.

Custom vinyl backdrops, canvas wrap frames, and wallcoverings are a great solution to make a booth really pop at events. Custom images can be produced on our high-quality, professional-grade material and will bring life and color to any venue.

At Ultraflex, our team has years of experience servicing businesses that require elevating their event wallcoverings, backdrops, and more. We understand the importance of high-quality media needing to stand out against other elements in the venue, such as the lighting and space.

The Advantages of Using AquaFlex®

Want to add a customizable, welcoming graphic to your pool or aqua-pond this summer? Then you are in luck! AquaFlex® provides unique branding and advertising opportunities for aquascape ponds, swimming pools, water parks, and more. This printable substrate designed for water is comprised of high-quality recycled industrial pool liner, making it a sustainable and durable solution

Places that Can Benefit from AquaFlex®

AquaFlex® is easy to position with a pool brush or by hand on the bottom of a pool floor and does not require you to drain your pool or water source. It is made with water-protected inks and there is no need for tape or frustrating adhesives. The most outstanding part about AquaFlex® is—by far—its aesthetic benefits, making it the summer season’s most popular seller.

The following areas may appreciate a splash of color this summer from Ultraflex:

  • Water parks
  • High school/University team swimming pools
  • Recreational community pools (YMCA, etc.)
  • Mall fountains
  • Aquariums
  • Aquatic ponds
  • Spas
  • And more!

Start Working with Ultraflex

Ultraflex is committed to providing custom solutions to whatever your specialty media needs are. Our materials are reliable and consistent, and our team members are too. We are fiercely committed to helping customers solve problems and deliver media that successfully sells products, tells stories, and delivers meaningful messages to audiences everywhere. Contact your local sales representative today or request a sample on our website.

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