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Are You Ready to Wow Your Customers?

Most consumers have no idea how difficult it is to achieve the perfect color on soft signage. But print providers understand. Color is complicated, and getting it right involves a whole lot more than pushing a few buttons and sitting back while the magic happens.

Based on our interactions with print providers, we know that optimizing color is an ongoing challenge. Think about your own shop this past year. How many times did you waste money and energy – and jeopardize your reputation – because you had to redo a project that delivered disappointing color results? How many times did a customer say, “I thought the graphics would be clearer,” or “The image is supposed to be orange, not red.”

We get it. We talk to printers all the time and hear the frustration. This is why we developed ColorForce, a training program specifically designed to help our customers deliver show-stopping color graphics with our VorTex materials. We want to help you wow your customers, so they’ll keep coming back and keep depending on you.

The ColorForce program helps print providers implement new materials and test dye-sublimation projects. The program also teaches participants how to create more efficient processes so that projects move forward without interruptions and costly do-overs.

It’s easy.

Here’s how ColorForce works: Our experts analyze your situation and identify the best color-training program to meet the unique needs of your shop.

Armed with that assessment, our global color experts create a tailored, interactive training program using VorTex soft signage media. We conduct the training at your site and during a time that fits your team’s schedule.

It’s affordable.

In fact, for existing customers, there’s no fee for the first ColorForce session. After that, we’ll discuss a fair and affordable fee for future training. We want to do everything we can to help you be successful. Because when you are successful, we are too.

The best part? You’ll get quantifiable results.

Here’s one thing we know based on our research: The majority of dye-sublimation printing customers establish quality through trial and error. Changing their material and processes can change everything for them.
The ColorForce program is proven to increase efficiency and save time, resources and money:

  • 80% of customers save up to 20% or more on ink by having their material properly profiled.
  • 40% save time in job prep and color matching processes.
  • More than 50% of the time, proper profiling significantly increases a printer’s color gamut.

Are you ready?

With ColorForce, we provide the education and support that cultivates color management expertise that benefits your existing projects and future ones.

We’re ready. Are you? Contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to talking with you about program qualifications.

Signetics LTX

Interested in Printing on Signetics LTX?

Timothy Mitchell from HP showcases the unique applications you can use with Signetics LTX. The Signetics LTX product is HP latex certified on a variety of the latex platforms. Signetics LTX offers universal print compatibility with enhanced engineering for use with Latex inks. The material offers superior ink adhesion creating flawless graphics. Signetics LTX is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and Latex inks. Available in roll sizes of 54” and 60” in 115’ lengths.