Top Flooring Materials to Improve Your Walkways and Floors

Enhance Your Space with Our Top Flooring Materials

These days flooring options can seem limitless with so many options on the market. Flooring products have expanded into various materials, including digitally printed carpets and vinyl flooring. If you’re considering digitally printed options, Ultraflex has options for you and will help you find the perfect solution.

Take your space to the next level by incorporating Ultraflex’s top flooring materials. Our flooring products are perfect for creating customized floor graphics that make your brand stand out. With endless possibilities for customization, our digitally printable flooring products can bring your vision to life.

What are Printable Flooring Products?

Printable flooring products are media used in digital printing to create customized floor graphics and messaging. Among the more popular printable flooring options are vinyl materials. These materials are compatible for use with solvent, UV, and some Latex and screen printers. Ultraflex’s printable flooring products include FloorFlex® Plus, UltraCarpet® Extra, and Floorscapes™.

Why Use Printable Flooring Products?

Using floor graphics is an effective way to showcase a brand, graphics, or messaging at your feet—ideal for retail spaces, trade shows, and events. The versatility of printable flooring allows them to be used for promoting events, directing traffic, or simply adding a personal touch to your interior space.

Ultraflex’s Printable Flooring Solutions

Our digitally printable flooring products allow you to create enhanced, customized floor graphics not achievable with traditional printing. These durable, slip-resistant materials are perfect for high-traffic areas and are an ideal solution for business branding, customized messaging, or fun and immersive experiences. An excellent option for printable flooring is Floorscapes®, a 50-mil, clear vinyl floor graphic media. Floorscapes provide incredible image clarity and color precision and are available in a wood grain finish.

Another terrific choice for customizable flooring is our UltraCarpet Extra, a white, tufted-pile carpet made especially for solvent, eco-solvent, UV, screen printing, and Latex printing. The ink will not scratch off; drying time is minimal and engineered for both indoor and short-term outdoor use.

Choose Ultraflex’s Flooring Materials

Whether dramatic or subtle, custom floor designs can quickly transform a space and complement other digital graphic design elements such as wallcoverings, ceilings, and textile displays. If you’re ready to give your area an upgrade, Ultraflex can help you choose the best products and materials to get the job done. Our flooring materials are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and provide long-lasting results. So, whether you’re looking for a temporary solution or something that will last for years, we have a product that will meet your needs. Request a sample of our products or contact our team to begin working with us today!

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