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A Message From Our Ultraflex Team

Working From Home, Working For You.

As a leader in the industry, Ultraflex strives to provide exceptional communication and support during this trying time. We are still up and running in all warehouses, and here to serve the needs of our customers. Our team is doing their part to help those on front lines who are working tirelessly to heal and to help. Recently, Ultraflex has introduced our Rx Product line which offers 4 products with AAMI ratings. RxTex 102 and RxTex 54 come with an AMMI level 1 protection are thermally bonded non-woven materials. RxProtect 4 is a chemically bonded non-woven material that is water repellent, pathogen resistant and can be reused and cleaned easily. This material has an AMMI level 4 protection.

Ultraflex has the ability to provide solutions for hospital curtains, pop-up tents, aprons, protective coverings, material for partitions, temporary flooring, way-finding signage, and much more. Products from our PVC, flooring, and textiles can be used in these various applications.


What Story Does Your Flooring Tell?

As a brand new mom, I’ve spent my fair share of time at healthcare facilities. One thing strikes me about these facilities: They are smart about how they use their space to communicate messages to patients and visitors, including the space underfoot.

Take a moment to look around your office, store, restaurant, convention center, theater, gym or classroom. Now, look down. What do people see? Maybe your floors are clean and clutter-free, but what do they say to the dozens – maybe hundreds – of people who walk across them every day?

Based on interactions with our customers for more than 30 years, we know that customized floor graphics can transform a space, showcase a brand and get customers’ attention. This is why we introduced Floorscapes™, our new graphic media materials that allow you to create stunning visuals for vinyl floors.

Here are a few pictures to demonstrate the power of floor graphics:

Graphic flooring is an exciting way to create visual interest in any location. You can deliver a subtle message, such as a path that shows visitors where to go, or a loud, bold message that inspires customers to rally around your brand, team or school.

With our Floorscapes™ line, you have lots of options for impressive floor graphics to reach your customers wherever they work, play or learn. We have the technology, materials and expertise to help you deliver customized, durable solutions with sharp images, precise color or clear, smooth finishes.

Is it time to step up your story with graphic flooring? For more information, [email protected].