About Us

Ultraflex Systems, Inc. is the leading innovator, developer, and supplier of a wide range of flexible PVC media and specialty substrates from 30″ to 16’4″ widths for eco-solvent, solvent, Latex, UV, screen and dye-sublimation printing. Ultraflex Systems Inc began over 25 years ago with Ultralon® a back-lit, 5m wide flex face PVC sign material that integrated crystal clear, low shrink, polyester yarns so that the pattern of the scrim would disappear when illuminated. It was the first product of its kind and it took Ultraflex and the industry to a new level of development and innovation in print materials. Today, with over 50 unique flexible sign materials in stock across the globe, Ultraflex is a leading supplier of printable sign substrates to the signage and graphics industry.  Our extensive product lines enable us to provide diverse options at all price points as we continue to strive to exceed our customer’s expectations.


PVC is integrated into the manufacturing of a multitude of products across various industries with what seems to be limitless uses.  Why? Simply put, it is one of the most inexpensive and durable materials on the planet. 



PVC has been known to have negative connotations when it comes to the environment.  However, PVC can be green in many ways. According to ExxonMobil Chemical Company, PVC requires less energy to manufacture than its largest volume competitors. PVC products are often more sparing of natural resources in their production, service life and end-of-life state then alternative products.  PVC, along with all municipal solid waste, when discarded is often incinerated (approx 20%) or landfilled (approx. 60 %). Incineration of PVC products produces no more dioxin than the incineration of any other products and combustion products from flexible PVC are no more toxic than those from other incinerator feeds. Today, we have plenty of landfill space with no concerns of running out any time soon, in fact, landfill numbers are falling. Older, less efficient and less environmentally secure landfills are continuously being replaced by larger, more efficient and more environmentally safe facilities. Contrary to some allegations, landfilled flexible PVC does NOT release significant quantities of dioxin, mercury, chlorine gas or vinyl chloride monomer and does not leach additives such as plasticizers and heat stabilizers into the environment. The bottom line is that formulating flexible PVC for durability makes it more eco-friendly. By extending service life, product sustainability is improved. 

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