Rain? Wind? Heat? Bring It On!

The country is opening up, and calendars are filled with festivals, concerts, Broadway shows, sporting events, and more. This is an ideal time for businesses to raise their visibility and take full advantage of the customers headed their way.

But, before you rush to order banners, billboards, and other products that build your brand, there are a few things to consider. Like the weather.

Not all signage is the same. It’s important to select signs made from reliable, consistent materials that can stand up to the harsh elements in your region: wind, rain, heat, and humidity.

For example, all Ultraflex products contain UV inhibitors, which prevent the sunshine from discoloring signs. Our materials for outdoor products are long-lasting, strong, and create the perfect canvas for even the most colorful graphics.

If it’s time to turn some heads – and traffic – your way, below are some great ideas to get you started.

 Mesh magic

There’s nothing quite as stunning as a vivid graphic that wraps around a multi-story building. Building wraps stop customers in their tracks. Jaws drop. Cell phones rise to capture the moment. And your business lights up social media.

Our mesh banner materials are excellent for building wraps. The mesh design allows the wind to flow through the banner without tearing the material or disrupting your message. Here’s a great example :

UltraMesh<sup>®</sup> Premium 328

Mesh materials are weather-worthy and have lots of great applications. They can be used for billboards, exhibits, event signs, and even at construction sites, where mesh fence wraps protect workers, equipment, and consumers passing by. Take a look:


A show-stopping billboard can be a memorable way for businesses and institutions to positively persuade audiences. But those sad, peeling, fading, and degrading billboards can send a powerfully negative message that can impact a reputation for years to come. To help protect your brand and your billboard, we’ve developed a line of durable materials with high tensile and tear strength, fungus resistance, UV resistance, and black-backed substrates to provide complete opacity. Here are some of our favorites:

Stand out and stand up

We offer an ever-expanding portfolio of materials that make banners, pole signs, billboards, and wraps stand out and stand up in all kinds of weather. To find out more about our products, services, and innovative ideas, email us.

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