Elevate Your Tradeshow Booth Graphics with Ultraflex

Tradeshow season is right around the corner, and for many of us in the printing industry, our exhibitor’s booth is the first thing the customer sees and can make you stand out from the competition. After all, we’re in the graphics business; print and display in your booth should be the WOW factor! 

If your booth lacks creativity, color, or a variety of prints, graphics, or demos, you risk the customer forgetting your brand or passing right by. Fortunately, Ultraflex has a wide array of product selections that can help make your booth more memorable with our digital printable textiles and substrates. These materials will elevate your exhibit booth to any scenario or style you’re looking for, whether it’s professional, creative, or fun. It’s essential to have an outstanding tradeshow booth for the following reasons:

1) Start Standing Out

Whether it’s a small convention of 50 or a tradeshow or exhibition of hundreds, each vendor is there for the same reasons, including standing out and attracting potential customers. If you don’t plan properly or use suitable materials, you risk fading into the sea of vendors. A unique tradeshow booth can elevate you from the typical standard that most vendors present and can draw attraction. When you have a booth that’s different from the rest, attendees will want to learn more about your company; plus, an outstanding booth can help signify that you’re a leader in the industry.

2) Convey Professionalism

A tradeshow booth should reflect your brand and be clean, polished, and professional. It should also be an extension of your website and other marketing materials. Your booth is a prime opportunity to show off what you’re selling, so make sure it’s up to par with the high-quality products or services that you offer. First impressions matter; if your tradeshow booth doesn’t look on brand or well put together, it will leave a lasting negative impression of your company.

 3) Connect with Potential Customers and Increase Sales

With well-designed tradeshow booth graphics, potential customers are more likely to enter your booth, increasing your sales team’s odds of hitting their touch points. When a potential customer feels the booth has a well-organized design, they’re more likely to engage and interact with each product due to increased visibility. This increases the number of products the customer considers purchasing, the leads generated, and ultimately the potential of a closed deal.

4) Convey Your Brand Messaging

Your booth should be a unique one-stop shop for everything an attendee needs to know about your company and its brand messaging. Connect your message with your booth design and concept and consider creative ways to show off your products alongside your marketing materials, such as brochures and literature. By displaying your brand messaging alongside your products, the attendee is more likely to remember who you are and what you do.

Ultraflex Digital Printable Media Solutions

Customize the walls of your booth with Fabritac, a removable, adhesive fabric that may be repositioned countless times without leaving any residue. You can also incorporate a comfortable seating area with your company logo printed on a sofa using our DecorFlex Leather media. This soft leather fabric is easy to print and digitally upholster to furniture. With Ultraflex, you can find various tradeshow booth graphics solutions, including wallcoverings, backdrops, fabrics for SEG frames, gallery-wrap material, backlit material, and much more.

Our highly experienced sales team will assist you in determining which media is right for you. Take your business to the next level by connecting with us to find the right solution for your tradeshow needs. Connect with us today!

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