UltraGreen Medias

Microsoft PowerPoint - BIOflex FL - TDSUltraGreen medias are composed of any Ultraflex material that is deemed to be environmentally friendly. Whether recyclable, biodegradable, or cleanly manufactured, these medias can be added to any portfolio where preserving the environment is desired.

We are currently and continuously putting forth efforts to minimize our and our client’s carbon-footprint. The products outlined below are examples of some of the integral steps we have taken to do this. As further innovations and strategic developments arise, we will continue to keep you abreast of our advancements towards sustainability in the digital printing industry.


PVC Medias

PVC has a remarkable balance of properties; it is strong, resistant to oil, chemicals, sunlight and weathering. PVC is also flame resistant, easily decorated and low in cost.

We are also the first and only provider of biodegradable PVC for years. Before BIOflex®, PVC had been immortal in the landfill; no degradation was found after decades of landfill burial. BIOflex has been engineered to be the first truly environmentally friendly, biodegradable PVC. We have developed a nontoxic formula that, at very low levels, enables landfill decomposition of BIOflex PVC. In the landfill, the carbon and hydrogen content of BIOflex are partly consumed by the biomass organisms and partly released as methane from fermentation. In a well managed landfill, methane is harvested for use as fuel. The chlorine content of BIOflex is partly consumed and partly converted to soluble chloride; this has value as fertilizer since it makes soil nitrogen more rapidly available to plants. In experiments using landfill into which BIOflex had decomposed as compost in potting soil, plants and vegetables sprouted more rapidly than in controls. Today, patented BIOflex has earned its reputation as both an eco-friendly option for sign media, but also as a true-performer when in application.

BIOflex® FL

BIOflex® FL is a 15 oz. matte finish, strong, indoor/outdoor, front-lit, biodegradable banner/billboard material for UV, solvent or screen-printing. Very similar in all around performance to Ultima Supreme, BIOflex has one major difference; in landfill conditions (darkness, high heat, moisture and lack of oxygen), it attracts microbes that break down the PVC within 3 to 5 years. BIOflex contains no toxic materials and is tear, fade and fungus resistant. Widths range from 54” – 196”.

Click here to view BIOflex on www.youtube.com

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Textile Medias

All of our textiles are earth-friendly. The polyester used in the manufacturing process is made of 20% recylced polyester and is 100% recylable. By starting the design process at the molecular level, MBDC and EPEA we are able to analyze every ingredient in polyester and choose dyestuffs, auxiliary chemicals, and a catalyst that are safe and environmentally sound. This creates the opportunity to transform recycling from a costly waste management strategy into a system that eliminates the concept of waste. We also implement a water-based coating technology into these textiles which is extremely earth friendly; between 75% and 90% of the coatings are biodegradable. Our manufacturing process complies with all ecological certification, exceeding 2020 compliance.

Two textiles in particular couldn’t be more “green”; UltraTex™ Organic and UltraCotton™. Since these textiles are both made of 100% natural and organic materials such as Ingeo®, plant fibers and cotton, they are innately biodegradable/compostable and recyclable.

UltraCotton™ C370

UltraCotton™  C370 is 11 oz. and is woven 100% natural cotton with a water-based coating on one side. The heavy canvas-like texture and crease free characteristics make it ideal for art reprographics, theatrical and tradeshow events. This natural cotton material is recyclable and biodegradable. It is recommended for indoor use only. Available in widths ranging from 61” to 198”.

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