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 G-Floor Grahic Media Available Now
G-Floor is a commercial grade vinyl flooring product that is customizable with grand-format solvent and UV, digital and screen printing equipment. With G-Floor, you are no longer creating floor graphics, but graphic floors. It allows you to print directly to the product, mirroring the image for second surface viewing and much greater durability and versatility than traditional vinyl floor graphics. Endless applications include retail/POP, sports arenas, movie theaters, tradeshows, bar/restaurants, temporary floor graphics or mats, counter tops, bank counters, chair mats, mouse pads and much more. G-Floor products are sold on rolls (in 54”, 60” and 120” widths) or in sheets (in 48” and 60” widths).
Ultima Supreme - R FL Available Now

Ultima Supreme – R is  a premium 15oz front lit vinyl  coated substrate designed for the industry’s most extreme outdoor applications.  Ultima Supreme – R offers both a smooth print surface and class leading strength and durability making it one of the most versatile front lit grand format medias on the market.  Ultima Supreme – R has an optimized white point that allows color conscious print service providers a broader possible color gamut than competitive outdoor-focused media.  In addition to printing brilliantly with eco solvent, solvent, and UV inks, Ultima Supreme – R is a great solution for printers seeking media for use with their latex devices.  Ultima Supreme – R is also REACH compliant, FR, and available up to 196”.

Front-lit Media
TrueCanvas Giclée 65/35 Available Now

TrueCanvas™ Giclée 65/35 is an 11oz canvas composed of a 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton blend with an acrylic-gesso top coat. The gesso coating can be folded and stretched without cracking and provides a uniform low-glare finish.   TrueCanvas Giclée 65/35 is free of heavy metals and designed to offer crisp detail and rich tonal range making it ideal for fine resolution art reproduction as well as various art décor applications.  TrueCanvas Giclée 65/35 is available with both matte and gloss finishes and is compatible with solvent, Latex, and UV inks in sizes ranging from 54” to 80”.

Ultima® Pro 13oz FL Matte Available Now
Ultima® Pro 13oz FL Matte is a smooth, versatile13oz front-lit banner media. Ultima Pro 13oz FL Matte has a unique construction that makes it ideal for outdoor banner and truck-side applications. Ultima Pro 13 oz. FL Matte is an excellent choice for printers looking for a high quality, cross-functional and strong substrate. It is compatible with Latex, solvent and UV inks and ranges in widths from 54”- 196”.
Strip Mesh Pro LTX Available Now

Strip Mesh Pro LTX is a 9oz mesh with backer that can be easily removed after printing.  The specially designed backer creates an air-tight print surface that prevents ink spray through and allows vacuum equipped printers to hold material flat during printing.  The backer is specifically formulated to work with Latex, solvent, eco solvent, and UV printers.  Strip Mesh Pro  LTX has 25% air-flow through and is ideal for outdoor banners, building wraps, fence mesh graphics, and boulevard banners in high wind areas.  Available in widths from 54" -  126”.

DualTex HD U360 Available Now

DualTex™ HD U360 is a 10.6oz woven polyester with a pearl-satin finish on front and plain weave on back side. 20% of the polyester is reclaimed and is 100% recyclable. It is bath coated with a digital water base, 95% biodegradable coating. The material is optically white with under 0.5% color tolerance lot to lot. A unique dual application feature allows this fabric to be used for front-lit or back-lit signs with a vibrant, high-definition appearance.  This product is  printable with Dye Sub transfer, Dye Sub direct, some UV and Latex printers.  Available in 61" and 122" widths.

UltraPoplin Soft Image U240 Available Now

UltraPoplin® Soft Image U240 is a  7.5oz soft poplin that is 100% knitted polyester with a matte finish.  20% of the polyester is reclaimed and is 100% recyclable.  The U240 is bath coated with a digital water base 95% biodegradable coating.  The material is optically white with under 1% color tolerance lot to lot.  Polyester yarn knitted and special coatings are designed to make this an easily printable fabric that is wrinkle and crease resistant.  Primary applications include event and tradeshow display systems, POP/POS signs and virtually any soft signage.  The UltraPoplin  Soft Image U240 is printable with Dye Sub transfer, Dye Sub direct, some UV and Latex printers. Sizes range from 61" to 198".

SuperSmooth PET GreyBack Available Now

SuperSmooth PET GreyBack is a non-curling banner with a grey back and supersmooth print surface, which makes  it ideal for high resolution printing.   The grey back-side prevents light transparency and shadowing making SuperSmooth  PET GreyBack ideal for pop-up, roll-up, X displays, and an array of other close viewing, indoor applications. SuperSmooth  PET GreyBack does not require lamination and is available in  matte finish from 38" - 126” wide.

 Outdoor Blockout LTX Available Now

Outdoor Blockout LTX is a heavy duty blockout banner material for indoor and outdoor applications.  Its unique construction provides strength and stability under harsh weather conditions. Outdoor Blockout LTX is designed for two-sided applications and is one of the few blockouts in the market that can be printed double sided on Latex devices.

AquaFlex Available Now
AquaFlex is made from post-industrial pool liner. AquaFlex is solvent, latex and UV printable and is ideal for underwater branding such as advertising in pools, ponds, aquascapes and various water features.  To protect the inks after printing, UV lamination is recommended.  AquaFlex can be positioned easily by hand or with the use of a pool brush or similar tool without the use of adhesives.  AquaFlex is made in the USA and is recyclable.  The blue backside of AquaFlex is made from post-industrial pool liner.  AquaFlex is available in 63" wide rolls.