Printed Canvas Fabric Available Worldwide

Printed canvas fabric produced on wide format digital printing equipment is used for countless advertising and branding applications such as indoor and outdoor banners, art reprographics, wall murals, backdrops, display systems, tradeshow exhibits and more. Canvas has been used by artisans for centuries because the fabric is durable and resistant to wind and rain.

Ultraflex Systems is the supplier that advertisers and marketers around the globe turn to for their canvas and other digital printing media needs. Ultraflex Systems is the leading innovator, developer and supplier of quality wide format PVC materials and specialty substrates. Our product lines include front-lit, back-lit and blockout printable mesh material, canvas, fabrics, textiles and more.

TrueCanvas Giclee S360 is a specialty canvas substrate in the Ultraflex Systems’ line that’s ideal for fine art applications. The cotton/polyester blended canvas has a gesso coating that is foldable and does not crack when stretched. This printed canvas fabric produces crisp details and rich tones on solvent, eco-solvent, UV and Latex digital printing equipment. We also produce MultiTex S285, which is an economical, multipurpose, 100% polyester spun canvas perfect for wall murals, art décor projects and more. Additional canvas textiles and fabrics available from Ultraflex Systems include the following and more:

In addition, the printable mesh material line at Ultraflex Systems includes a wide assortment of products available in widths ranging from 54” to 196”. Our UltraMesh Blockout is the best choice for applications requiring complete opacity. The double-sided mesh blockout material is often used for building wraps along with fence, stadium, barricade, and other outdoor graphics. UltraMesh Premium 328, Strip Mesh Pro LTX, UltraMesh Plus and Speaker Mesh are just a few of the other products in the line.

Ultraflex Systems provides media samples to clients worldwide because our experience has shown that testing media on printing equipment is always the best way to ensure that the printed canvas fabric will achieve the desired result. Contact us today for more information or to request samples.

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