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Printable Billboard Vinyl in the US

Recognized as a valuable tool, billboard advertising is usually included in the out-of-home (OOH) strategy of marketing professionals. During any given period, billboard media produces more gross impressions than any of form of OOH advertising in the US. Printable billboard vinyl products developed by Ultraflex add to the value of any organization’s OOH marketing plan because are the perfect billboard material. Ultraflex printable billboard vinyl products are durable, printer-friendly, opaque, lightweight and environmentally friendly. To reduce changeover time, printable billboard vinyl products come in longer rolls. Because we are experienced in outdoor advertising and design, we develop and offer products to meet your every need.

Ultraflex wide format banner material is also an excellent choice for both indoor and OOH advertising applications. To meet a variety of application requirements, wide format banner material is available in different sizes, thicknesses, finishes, and strengths. Most of the Utraflex line is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV, latex and screen printers. The following list includes a few of the banner material categories from Ultraflex:

  • Back-lit Banner Material
  • Front-lit Banner Material
  • Blockout Banner Material
  • Mesh Banner Material

For applications using heat or RF welders, we recommend Ultraflex seaming tape. Seaming tape is a polyester scrim strip that is covered with non-adhesive clear PVC. It is the product of choice for combining banners together or creating larger images. The tape comes in 3 different sizes and machine settings are listed on the Ultraflex website.

For any printable billboard vinyl need in the US, Ultraflex is the place to go. Recognized as the international innovator, developer and supplier of a wide range of flexible PVC media and specialty substrates, we have the resources to make your project a success!  Contact us today, and one our specialists will help you select the best materials for your application.

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